The final milestone of one of the most famous projects in Vietnam has been publicly announced in the first week of October, at a special event “Diamond Island Completed Gala Dinner” organized for key partners of Kusto Home – a member of international investment holding company Kusto Group.

The project consists of 1,323 units in Phase 1 – Brilliant tower, and Phase 2 with 5 towers named after most famous resort islands in the world – Hawaii, Bora Bora, Bahamas, Maldives and Canary. It is the only island within Ho Chi Minh City to utilize all the advantages of its waterfront location as each apartment has sweeping views to the rivers all the way to Ho Chi Minh City’s buzzing Central Business District. To discover this beautiful island, all guests were invited to attend some special activities such as: Diamond Tour to explore the panorama views, Kusto Golf Tournament, take a break at the impressive resort pool, enjoy the unique Turkey 5-star spa at Diamond Island…

Diamond Island Residences – a unique venue for Gala Dinner

At Gala Dinner, Kusto Home celebrated the completed and successful Diamond Island project. All the guests were impressed by the high-class facilities, the green environment, the glowing lights and the luxurious night party with many special performances such as hologram, fire painting, folk dance Kara Zhorga, famous band from Kazakhstan and famous singer of Vietnam. Especially at the event, the Kusto Foundation has raised $100,000 for special auction to help the poor children in Vietnam.

Representative of Kusto Group global members with partners all over the world celebrated the success of Diamond Island

Kusto Group’s chairman Mr. Yerkin Tatishev pointed out: “By October 2018 the team achieved over 98% sales ratio, it is well-deserved result for the ongoing efforts of the project to create an ideal place for living and the best value to our customers. It comes from our expertise, vision and prestige, coupled with the group of enthusiastic management board and team members.”

Diamond Island- the only island within Ho Chi Minh City

In accordance with Mr. Murat Utemissov, CEO of Kusto Home – this 8 hectares land project was completed exactly on time by Q3 2018 as committed to our customers with expected high quality of product. Up to now over 50% of Phase 2 apartments had been handed over to our buyers and some of them moved in already. I am happy to get positive feedback on our landscaping, quality of finishing and people’s appreciation for our strong construction time commitment. – Mr. Utemissov added.

Mr. Murat- CEO of Kusto Home shared his thought at the event

Diamond Island is a pioneer of creating the trend of Luxury & Green Living in Ho Chi Minh with its concept Luxury in Nature.

Luxury in Nature

The residents and guests of Diamond Island enjoy 50 meters lap pool combined with resort pool and a mini Waterpark for children with total size of 2300 m2. There is a river cruise available to go along Saigon River on a water taxi or a yacht departing from the private Marina club located at the site. In total there are 42 facilities including unique Castle kids’ playground, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a Zen Stones garden, an amphitheater, a lazy river and a pool bar. It all comes on the most unprecedented landscaping 8 hectares area covered with flowers and over 1300 trees. These features are unique for Vietnam’s residential property market and delivered by Kusto Home exclusively.

The company announced to be open for new opportunities and will continue developing new mid-end and high-end projects in Vietnam at prime locations of main cities.