The unparalleled Pool Villas of Diamond Island are a bright spot in the residential scene of Ho Chi Minh City, seamlessly blending the natural environment of the serenely flowing water on two sides and the metropolitan sight of the central business district.

Only very few can enjoy the unequalled lifestyle that comes with a pioneering luxury housing concept. Diamond Island of Kusto Home is the first project of its kind in Ho Chi Minh City, with a selection of exquisite villas outclassing everything known so far.

A unique feature of Diamond Island is the incomparable excellence of the facilities, leaving nothing to be desired and allowing families to indulge in privacy. While others escape their homes to find top-quality comfort and peace, Diamond Island provides a level of convenience not even the most prestigious resorts can offer—every day.

The long list of top-class amenities comprises a private marina club and water taxi, a sports complex, and a Zen garden and BBQ areas, on-the-spot spa services and an outdoor library. 2,300sq.m of refreshing water surface offer residents all the options for blissful and reinvigorating family activities: find your perfect spot to unwind at the poolside or join your kids’ joyful water adventures.

The Pool Villas are situated at a premier location at Diamond Island

The Pool Villas are situated at a premier location at Diamond Island, where the Saigon River is only a few steps away, placing residents within arm’s reach of beautiful natural scenery without the confines of buildings.

The extremely high ceilings at the Pool Villas give a sense of unfettered freedom and space

The bustling city centre and the sparkling Bitexco Tower at night also make for exclusive views. The living areas at the Pool Villas feature a transparent glass design that offers a stunning view of the scenic river or the sparkling city, making the living space truly unique that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Pool Villas are extremely spacious and unrestricted with an average of 350sq.m of living space and 150sq.m of garden and pool area. The floor-to-ceiling height of four metres ensures ample space and a sense of extreme freedom for the owner to create an awesome place of their own.

The next impressive feature of the Pool Villas is their absolute privacy. A charming and functional fence decorated with fresh flowers helps separate each Pool Villa from the public area. Unlike bricks walls, the 1.6-1.8m high fresh flower fence guarantees privacy in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The fresh flower fence is a stylish but effective separation of personal and public areas

The functional spaces at the Pool Villas are intelligently arranged and maximise even the smallest area. Each Pool Villa features the supreme comfort of a spacious living area, each residence complete with a separate living room, dining room, family room, and kitchen, with at least four elegant suite bedrooms to create a space of ultimate comfort.

The luxury library next to the green garden
The master bedroom with a great view on the CB

Smart interior design meets premium facilities, and a homely ambience adorns a spacious room layout that gives you the freedom to live the life you are meant to live. Secluded gardens and private luxury pools make for a housing experience like no other.

The luxurious salted pools at Pool Villas use modern electrolysis and water purification systems and imported equipment from well-known brands

The Pool Villas are built to last in perfect condition and their smart design ensures that residents will never have to worry about water damage caused by rain.

In addition, the modern fire protection systems of Diamond Island are imported. These special water-efficient systems compartmentalise the area to prevent fire from spreading and ensure the safety of all residents at Diamond Island.

The new bridge through Diamond Island is scheduled to be opened in June 2018, at the same time as Diamond Island Phase 2 will be handed over.

A limited number of world-class villas of a great variety are still available at Diamond Island. To visit our Villa Mock-Up and get attractive rates, please contact our hotline at 0938 480 888 or visit our website at