The Me We Spirit – A series of talk shows developed by Kusto Home under the multi-industry international investment group Kusto Group.

Success is the aspiration of everyone, from individuals to leading businesses, especially within the real estate market. However, how to achieve this target? The answer will be found within the five episodes of the talk show “The Me We Spirit” conducted by Kusto Home, which will be aired this June.

The Me We Spirit – where the secrets of success are shared

The Me We Spirit – A series of talk shows is built by Kusto Home – under the multi-industry
international investment group Kusto Group. The program has five episodes with the
participation of the host Lieu Ha Trinh, Mr. Sergey Nam – CEO of Kusto Home and five special
guests. All are successful figures and pioneering representatives with a strong desire to form
the future. In addition, the experts joining the program also portray the five core values that
Kusto Home owns: Knowledgeable – Understanding – Sustainable – Transformative – Original.

Knowledgeable, the topic of the upcoming episode 1, will be discussed between Kusto Home
representative and CBRE Vietnam Managing Director – Ms. Duong Thuy Dung together with
Lieu Ha Trinh – the host accompanying throughout five episodes. The first talk show episode
helps the audiences understand the importance of knowledge in reaching their goals. Every
project of Kusto Home has been always well received by the Vietnamese market and this is
proof of success by utilising knowledge gained from valuable experience in the real estate of
Kusto Home.

Episode 2 – Understanding, once again shows that Kusto Home’s success in Vietnam is
attributable to local understanding. Besides, understanding is an important foundation of
business development, or simply in the daily work and individual relationship building. Kusto
Home also has the added advantage of multicultural experiences from nearly ten countries of
the Kusto Group. It is this understanding that has helped Kusto Home develop products
matching the customers’ needs in the Vietnamese market.

Following this, Kusto Home Developer also believes that sustainability in business from the
perspective of environment, project or partnership building is a solid foundation for positioning
in the market. It can be seen that, although the company has been present in Vietnam since
2005, Kusto Home does not rush to execute mass development but selects and takes care of
each product before launching it to the market. Sustainable is also the topic of episode 3.

To be successful, transformation is also a key factor. Thanks to being transformative in vision
and international standard application in construction and design, Kusto Home is always looking
for experienced partners and learning from them to create the most distinctive products. The
topic Transformative and guest sharing in episode 4 will help the audience better understand
Kusto Home’s dedication to diversifying the living experience for customers.

Finally, it is impossible to ignore the “original” values that Kusto Home has brought to the
market. One of them is Diamond Island. The project has been always mentioned by the real
estate industry as a new standard of luxury resort living experience in Ho Chi Minh City.
Originality is also the topic of episode 5, which closes the sharing of Kusto Home with reputable
representatives from many fields.

The Me We Spirit – a series of passionate talks from the future creator

With the message “Develop together, breakthrough together to succeed” – The Me We Spirit
wishes to spread successful values to the community. Through the experts’ stories, experiences
and knowledge, the audiences can understand the secrets that help Kusto Home and the guests
achieve success today.

Having been present in Vietnam since 2005, Kusto Home quickly established its position in the
market by contributing sustainable differentiated values through their projects. Notably,
Diamond Island is a successful and distinctive example of Kusto Home on the journey to
innovate and create the future in Vietnam.

Success needs to be shared. Therefore, Kusto Home is very enthusiastic when executing the talk
show with the aspiration to quickly share the success-generating values in the community.
Through The Me We Spirit, Kusto Home believes that every individual or business, especially in
the field of real estate, can find knowledge and inspiration for themselves from the above five
values. Thereby, they can reap success in investing, choosing a place to live, or developing
outstanding housing options.

Besides, through the program, Kusto Home will share the project development philosophy
“Beyond Property” – based on the direction “Kustomization” representing the companionship of
Kusto Home with all customers and their long-term vision in the Vietnamese market to open up
special living experiences suitable for residents.

In particular, Kustomization is the direction where every detail in the living space is taken care
of to fit the target customers. It is also the starting direction for the Beyond Property
philosophy, creating a different living experience thanks to local market understanding and
international expertise in project development. It is the core values and development
philosophy helping Kusto Home’s projects affirm their position in the market by always bringing
a different and surpassing living experience to the community.