The Original value that Kusto Home always pursues is the topic of discussion in the last episode of The Me We Spirit talk shows with the participation of director Long Kan and Ms. Anna Trang Tran – Marketing and Branding Director of Kusto Home.

‘The Me We Spirit’ - Tạo dựng bản sắc riêng cùng giá trị độc đáo - Ảnh 1.

Director Long Kan and the Original value of Kusto Home

With his exceptional talent, the shows produced by director Long Kan have a very special style, this is the reason why he is known as one of the most successful and experienced event directors today with stages full of “originality”. With Long Kan, originality is a prerequisite in every program to always make a deep emotional impression on the audience. Similarly, the original value is also one of the distinctive brand personalities of Kusto Home, demonstrating the inner depth of the development philosophy, shaping new lifestyles, and creating unique experiences for customers.

‘The Me We Spirit’ - Tạo dựng bản sắc riêng cùng giá trị độc đáo - Ảnh 2.
Đạo diễn Long Kan và MC Liêu Hà Trinh.

With that similarity, when having the opportunity to cooperate with Kusto Home for the launch event of Urban Green project, director Long Kan did not hesitate to turn an ordinary event into an Urban Green Gallery exhibition. There, customers can experience creativity and natural imprints in the space like the true future residents of Urban Green.

Director Long Kan shared, in order to keep the flame of creative inspiration, and always create unique value during 1 and a half decades in the business, in addition to traveling, experiencing the culture, and meeting new people, he also finds new inspirations in his own living space. Therefore, “finding a house with a style that suits you is very important for creative people”, Mr. Long Kan emphasized.

Entrepreneurship culture and unique identity from the Kazakh roots of Kusto Home

It is no coincidence that Kusto Home chooses “Original” as one of the five values for the company to pursue and apply in projects. “This value originated from the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic root of Kazakhstan, where Kusto Group started and thrived before moving its headquarters to Singapore to reach out to the international market,” said Ms. Anna Trang Tran, Marketing and Branding Director of Kusto Home shared about the Original value in Kusto Home’s corporate culture.

As a large country with many ethnic groups living together, in order to rise and develop, the people of Kazakhstan have chosen to respect differences as their way of life. This also connects and becomes the culture of Kusto Group and Kusto Home. Not only that, when expanding investment anywhere, the Group builds an understanding of the local culture in order to blend in, but still creates the uniqueness for Kusto Group in each country.

This clearly affects each member of Kusto Home, aka Kustodian. At Kusto Home, each person’s individuality, strengths, and identity are respected; The opinions and voices of each member are always heard. In addition, the corporate procedures are also simplified and shortened through the principle of “small, smart & fast” when building the business model to ensure that all opinions are considered and the work is completed as quickly as possible.

Thanks to not being limited by the framework, Kustodians are always ready to break through, dare to think and dare to propose unique ideas to create quality products. One stand-out example is Diamond Island project, from a remote island, has now become a luxury apartment complex, which offers a 5-star resort living experience filled with green spaces. Urban Green is the latest project that inherently possesses unique values right from the location, but it is only when the Kustodian team unlocks its potential that customers can really see the potential of the project through its inspirational design and various amenities to serve the needs of successful young people, so they can enjoy a balanced life.

‘The Me We Spirit’ - Tạo dựng bản sắc riêng cùng giá trị độc đáo - Ảnh 3.
Urban Green mang lại giá trị độc đáo với không gian xanh và tiện ích wellness.

In the near future, Kusto Home will expand its unique real estate collection to Hanoi with The Reflection Westlake project. The project is located next to Vo Chi Cong street, Tay Ho district with a view overlooking the Red River and West Lake. “This will be a project that harmonizes the luxury, class, and cultural beauty of Tau Ho district, which is the pride of many Hanoians in the past and present,” Anna excitedly revealed at the end of the episode.

The journey of “The Me We Spirit” talkshows have ended with the Original value, which plays a very important role in the achievements of Kusto Home. Through this series of informative discussions, Kusto Home hopes viewers can understand more about the five values: Knowledgeable – Understanding – Sustainable – Transformative – Original that Kusto Home possesses, with the desire to inspire the community to always strive for success in their own way.