Knowledge is a valuable asset that those who know how to appreciate and utilise to the fullest will gain impressive achievements in their life. It is also the first topic of The Me We Spirit talk show developed by Kusto Home.

The Me We Spirit talk show is built by Kusto Home – under the multi-industry international investment group Kusto Group. The program has the participation of excellent figures who are pioneers with bold aspirations to build the future. At the same time, the guests represent the five core values that Kusto Home always believes in: Knowledgeable – Understanding – Sustainable – Transformative – Original.

In the first episode, the topic “Knowledgeable” was discussed in detail among the guests who are experts in the real estate industry. Not only highlighting the role of knowledge in success, the talk show also provides market information and valuable advice for investors. That is also the spirit that The Me We Spirit wants viewers to adopt in episode 1.

“The Me We Spirit – Kusto Home” – harnessing the power of knowledge to create success in the real estate market.

Choosing “Knowledgeable” as one of the five values to pursue, Kusto Home always knows how to utilise valuable knowledge and experience from many fields to bring high-quality products to customers, investors and our staff.

In the first episode of The Me We Spirit, Ms Duong Thuy Dung – Managing Director of CBRE Vietnam joined as a special guest. She is also a reputable expert in the Vietnamese real estate market who has achieved success through the power of knowledge. Ms Thuy Dung also believed that if any company or group knew how to leverage the knowledge and understanding of each recruited talent, the value that the entrepreneur contributed to the community would be extremely impressive.

Mr Sergey Nam – CEO of Kusto Home emphasised that the company would always focus on recruiting and training talents.

Addressing the role of “Knowledge” in real estate at The Me We Spirit, Kusto Home representative Mr Sergey Nam – CEO of Kusto Home emphasised that the company would always focus on recruiting and training talents. “Our staff is called the “Kustodians”. We are always encouraged to improve our knowledge, skills and update information to understand the market”, he shared.

Employing the power of knowledge to bring valuable housing products to customers

Thanks to our knowledge, Kusto Home has quickly solidified our position in the Vietnamese market. Knowing the strengths of the company and having a deep understanding of the market, Kusto Home does not adopt the mass project development direction. Instead, the company has carefully researched and identified customer needs that other developers have not exploited.

Right in the first project – Diamond Island, Kusto Home pioneered integrating resort design into apartments and prioritised green space with more than 100 different types of plants covering 87% of the total area. The project greatly impressed the market in 2016 and “the demand to own an apartment here is still increasing day by day although the project has been sold out for a long time,” Ms Thuy Dung shared.

The Me We Spirit episode 1

From a broader perspective, what Kusto Home has contributed to the community is not only a real estate project but also setting the standard of living that customers deserve to have. Most recently, Kusto Home has launched Urban Green and the natural space in the project continues to be the highlight. With a construction density of only 32%, Urban Green offers a living environment that balances the dynamic urban rhythm and the peaceful nature. This is also the project that Kusto Home aims to enhance the living experience for successful young people.

Behind the innovative steps and impressive projects of Kusto Home is the appreciation of the value of “Knowledgeable” and its power. Those who respect and adopt this value as Kusto Home does will surely succeed in life and make meaningful contributions to society.