Episode 4 of the talk show The Me We Spirit by Kusto Home will prove the value of Transformation during the pandemic and its contributions to success in real estate, the sector usually considered rough and solid with concrete.

Transformation – An effective vaccine dose for a better future

Being the special guest in Episode 4, Mr. Nitin Kapoor is the Chairman of AstraZeneca Vietnam which greatly contributed to stopping the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam. He was chosen to talk about the Transformation value of Kusto Home.

Discussing with the host Lieu Ha Trinh, Mr. Nitin shared the difficulties during the fight against the pandemic: “The situation was very complicated. Since the virus strains kept mutating and the number of cases continued increasing, with the support of the Vietnamese government, we had to be very flexible and prioritise the most necessary steps to provide vaccines to people timely.”

Mr. Nitin also highly appreciated the progressing mindset and flexibility of the Vietnamese government and health care sector as well as AstraZeneca staff. Thanks to that, time was optimised to develop and distribute vaccines; and the Covid-19 burden on society was mitigated.

During the pandemic, the flexibility and transformative spirit helped enterprises in general and Kusto Home in particular stay firm, tackle the difficulties and be ready for long-term plans and strategies.

Regarding the tough time for the real estate sector, Mr. Nitin admired the transformative spirit that the developer Kusto Home has been pursuing since its presence in Vietnam, especially during the pandemic. This is the element that inspires Kusto Home to create distinctive living experiences for customers. He is also a proud resident of Diamond Island developed by Kusto Home.

Transforming to leverage customer’s living experiences

Sharing more specifically about the fourth value that Kusto Home is pursuing, Mr. Sergey Nam – CEO of Kusto Home stated: “Our mission is not limited to building projects. The Kusto Home team is always proud of its contributions to enhancing the living experience and changing the urban landscape in Vietnam.”

Kusto Home’s mission of transforming the landscape has been demonstrated in the Diamond Island project. When Kusto Home approached the project site 12 years ago, it was a desolate and underdeveloped land. Since Diamond Island was completed, other developers have gradually come here to build more projects. The appearance of this area compared to 10 years ago has changed in a very positive way thanks to the transformation and daring to follow its own path of the developer Kusto Home.

Mr. Sergey Nam added: “We are always pioneering in applying new and breakthrough technologies to projects, namely the BioDesign swimming pool at Urban Green. This is the first apartment project applying eco-pool technology in Vietnam using 100% natural materials and electrolytic salt water, creating a beautiful landscape and bringing health benefits to residents.”

BioDesign Swimming Pool at Urban Green

Besides, the Urban Green project site used to be an underdeveloped area. Kusto Home has applied Kustomization orientation, flexibly applying knowledge and understanding of target customers to build the apartment project providing health values, natural elements, diverse amenities and living spaces especially suitable for successful young people. This is the reason why Urban Green apartments have been sought after by the market for both investment and living purposes.

“We always continue to learn new things, have an open mind, be flexible, always pay attention to global trends to be able to pioneer, compete, and deliver products that are not only of the highest quality but also ahead of their time”, emphasised the CEO of Kusto Home.