Low construction density, generous green space, and open design style inspired by nature at Urban Green have drawn the attention of the young urban community.

Urban Green and the orientation to create a green living experience

With the health challenges that have happened in recent years, owning a living space in harmony with nature and comfort is becoming a new standard of living for residents in big cities. Therefore, projects investing in sustainability and health care will become significantly trendy in the real estate market.

The living space at Urban Green

Catching up with this shift, Kusto Home has developed the Urban Green project focusing on the values ​​of green living, meeting the customers’ needs to connect with nature right in the heart of the city. With a construction density of only 32% and a Hybrid Habitat model, the project offers many green areas evenly distributed in each apartment building and each amenity for a living space filled with green colors of natural plants.

At the same time, the Bauhaus-style architectural design and the L-shaped tower arrangement will optimize the light, natural air circulation, and a view of the Saigon River or the green area inside the project. It shows the investor’s sophistication in creating a great added value for residents when owning apartments with a spacious view smartly connecting with nature.

Bringing the beauty of nature into every living space

With Urban Green, Kusto Home wants the natural imprint of the project to be clearly reflected in the interior design of every apartment. Therefore, the investor has chosen an experienced designer for high-end projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Adrien Desport Architects (ADA), to execute the idea of integrating nature into the living space.

Choosing famous natural landmarks as inspiration for the design style, the interior color of the apartment will impress customers at first sight. The use of striking and contrasting colors in the Urban Green apartment interior brings a great visual impact, creating a true connection with the senses of nature. It is different from the design that uses the usual neutral tones, creating a space reminiscent of impressionist paintings of the 19th century.

The diversity of natural elements inside each apartment is also demonstrated through the Urban Green collection with three main interior themes: Sahara, Pink Lake, and Alaska. Each theme classifies customer personalities in the way they choose a space that connects with nature.

Concept Sahara in Urban Green apartment design

Specifically, the Sahara theme is applied in 2-bedroom apartments with sandy yellow, brown, and orange-brown tones as the main colors. This theme brings warmth and liveliness at the same time, which is very suitable for small families.

Concept Pink Lake in Urban Green apartment design

The unique and artistic beauty of Pink Lake has been cleverly illustrated by ADA in 3-bedroom apartments with a wine red and pastel pink color palette. This style creates a modern, romantic, and irresistible charm for the apartments.

The majesty of Alaska shows in 4-bedroom apartments with two main tones of blue and green, combined with wood materials reminiscent of temperate forests, giving a spacious and airy feeling along with relaxation and inspiration everyday for homeowners.

In addition to the highlight of colors, the apartment interior decorated with undulating curves together with light effects seems to break the limit of space, creating a feeling of openness and relaxation everyday for homeowners. In addition, this design full of natural energy shows a dynamic personality and unique identity of successful young people.

Therefore, with the synthesis of the natural values, impressive design, and strategic location, Urban Green vividly showcases the concept of green living in the urban area and becomes the most wanted housing choice of successful young buyers.