Since establishing its presence in Vietnam, Kusto Home has unwaveringly committed itself to developing projects that incorporate expansive green spaces and amenities, aimed at nurturing and promoting healthy, active lifestyles among its residents.

Kusto Home functions as the real estate development arm of Kusto Group, an international diversified conglomerate headquartered in Singapore which was founded by entrepreneur Yerkin Tatishev. In 2005, Kusto Home ventured into the Vietnamese market with a core mission of creating high-quality commercial and residential projects. From the outset, a central tenet of its overarching vision has been to engage its customers in healthier, more active lifestyles through the integration of green spaces and contemporary amenities within their projects.

“The issues of physical and mental health have gained increasing prominence in recent years, with a growing number of young people struggling to cope with today’s fast-paced lifestyles. Bearing this in mind, we have made substantial investments in crafting high-quality environments and enhancing the overall living experiences for our residents” said Mr. Sergey Nam – CEO of Kusto Home Vietnam.

Since its inception in Vietnam, Kusto Home’s commitment has extended beyond physical structures. The company proactively involves itself with local communities in the country and actively contributes to the development of the surrounding environment. Its initiatives help to integrate sporting activities with charitable objectives, promoting a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously delivering tangible benefits to the community.

In 2022, Kusto Home showcased its social responsibility by partnering with Coteccons to support the Quang Binh Marathon and participate in the reforestation campaign in Quang Binh, a province in central Vietnam. Moreover, Kusto Home collaborated with VnExpress – one of Vietnam’s most respected media outlets – and the Hope Foundation to host the ‘Dare to Run’ virtual race on the vRace platform, during which the company pledged to donate 2,000 VND for every kilometer run. The funds raised were allocated to the construction of a new bridge for the residents of Hin Pen, a rural mountainous village in Son La province, located nearly 400 kilometers away from Hanoi.

Among Kusto Home’s most prominent projects is Diamond Island, a luxurious residence which was completed in 2018. This iconic development, situated on a unique natural island, boasts convenient access to both the thriving new Central Business District (CBD) in Thu Duc City and the established, vibrant heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s old CBD. Often referred to as “Family Island”, the residence offers a diverse range of amenities that redefine the essence of resort living and provide residents of all ages with a foundation for a fulfilling life. Diamond Island features an innovative salt electrolysis pool, an Olympic lap pool, a Jacuzzi, a Pool bar, a well-equipped gym, yoga spaces, and a sports complex—perfectly catering to the relaxation and fitness needs of every family member. Here, children can have the best play and developmental experiences with a vibrant playground and a water park featuring a stunning pirate ship. Additionally, Diamond Island boasts an impressive green space allocation of 16.2m2 per person, one of the highest rates in Ho Chi Minh City.

Another flagship project, Urban Green, underscores Kusto Home’s commitment to sustainability and innovative design. Nestled in the heart of Thu Duc City, the project is conveniently located just 15 minutes away from the CBD of Ho Chi Minh City, offering a perfect balance between urban connectivity and natural surroundings. This development harmoniously merges nature with modern architecture, providing multi-layered green spaces and over 60 private amenities. The developer has been at the forefront of innovation by introducing the BioDesign technology from Italy to create an eco-friendly pool within the project. This unique amenity not only serves the residents but also contributes to sustainability through the elimination of conventional construction materials. Furthermore, the project has been carefully designed and planned, taking into consideration the sun orientation and wind flow to optimize air circulation and ensure a comfortable, shaded environment throughout all seasons of the year.

In 2024, Kusto Home is poised to expand its portfolio with several projects in some of Vietnam’s most promising markets, including the renowned coastal cities of Da Nang and Vung Tau, which are known as some of the most desirable and famous tourist destinations in the country, along with Hanoi Capital. Among these, The Reflection West Lake shines as a luxurious condominium project designed for high-class customers. It offers a sophisticated, contemporary boutique space that seamlessly blends with the timeless beauty of the poetic Tây Hồ, a vibrant new CBD located just 15 minutes from the heart of Hanoi’s city center.

“We meticulously adhere to international standards and best practices when planning our projects in Vietnam to ensure our residents experience the highest quality of living possible. For our developments we use the latest technologies and best-quality materials, and this is something that differentiates us from competition” said Mr. Sergey Nam.