Luxury is what many aspire to but only a few can obtain. Luxury is what makes life shine. And Kusto Home’s unparalleled villas do just that: they shine in one of Asia’s most dazzling big cities.

Located at a premier location in the center of District 2, Ho Chi Minh City and just 10 minutes from downtown, luxury condominium Diamond Island is expected to be finished in the third quarter of 2018. The project amazes investors with its combination of a great location, jaw-dropping 360-degree views, an exquisite green environment, and a living space of unequalled opulence.

Setting new standards of extravagance

Diamond Island redefines the concept of waterfront location as each villa is facing serenely flowing water in multiple directions. High up in the sky, this unique skyscraping construction spoils residents with sweeping views over the Saigon and Giong Ong To rivers all the way to Ho Chi Minh City’s buzzing Central Business District towering over the river. Feel the bliss of a sumptuous Sunday family brunch at a luxurious home embellished by stunning vistas of Vietnam’s most exciting cityscape.

Luxury is what people desire the most. Breathing fresh air and indulging in the spacious, sophisticated surroundings is indeed a rare commodity in the ever-bustling Ho Chi Minh City. The luxury villa collection perching on Diamond Island provides just that: a lush and safe retreat that follows a masterful design by Kaze Interior Design Studio.

Privacy is king in this supreme oasis of relaxation in the midst of an international, sophisticated community, and aptly managed by a highly experienced team. For each resident’s green density, there are an astounding 16 square metres of exclusive natural island space. Diamond Island embraces a ground-breaking quality of life on par with the most ambitious living projects in high-end countries like Singapore, Japan, and Korea. Lend your life a touch of opulence.

Its unique feature is the incomparable excellence of the facilities, leaving nothing to be desired and allowing families to indulge in privacy. While others escape their homes to find top-quality comfort and peace, Diamond Island provides you with a level of convenience not even the most prestigious resorts can offer—every day.

2,300sq.m of refreshing water surface leave you with all the options for blissful and reinvigorating family activities: find your perfect spot to unwind at the poolside or join your kids’ joyful water adventures. This villa collection celebrates a life on top of the world.

The supreme villa features two storeys of living space, adorned with a lush garden featuring a saltwater pool

Choice selection of living delights

The unparalleled views from every villa are complemented by an ingeniously designed ventilation system that pairs with the warm and radiant sunlight that streams from every window. The natural light, together with the pure breeze of the countryside, gives residents the rerheshing feeling of countryside life, but with 5-star amenities of exquisite luxury.

Inside each villa, tenants at Diamond Island can enjoy the supreme comfort of a spacious living area, each residence complete with a separate living room, dining room, family room, and kitchen, with at least four elegant suite bedrooms to create a space of ultimate comfort. All of these designs come together for one ultimate aim: the creation of a healthy, harmonious, and elegant living area.

Harbouring a deluxe pool area, the Pool Villa is an edgy, state-of-the-art residence to share with your beloved. These supreme villas feature two storeys of living space, adorned with a lush garden featuring an outdoor barbecue area and saltwater pool, all surrounded by an impressive boundary wall. With this exclusive landscaping, you and your family will have the privacy of a secluded paradise with all the amenities and convenience of a gated community.

The Pool Villa is a state-of-the-art secluded paradise

The unique luxury of the Sky Villa is nothing less than the epitome of high-end living that crowns Kusto Home’s innovative living spaces, boasting an infinity pool overlooking Vietnam’s most thriving city.

These daring penthouses defy expectations with their gorgeous sky gardens, functional outdoor barbecues and supreme cityscape views. This is a space ideal for a lively Home Party with friends and family, enjoyed with the help of a fine wine, some succulent barbecue, and vibrant sun setting slowly over the horizon.

Smart interior design meets premium facilities, a homely ambience adorns a spacious room layout that gives you the freedom to live the life you are meant to live. Secluded gardens and private luxury pools make for a housing experience like no other. All this is topped off by sweeping views from these exalted mansions.

The CBD view and Saigon river view from the majestic Sky Villa—where the sky is literally the limit

This villa collection truly provides the pleasure of a home that sets the perfect stage for a refined lifestyle. Make it your exquisite family sanctuary or share the palatial magnificence with the world around you. Throwing a first-class party or hosting a top-of-the-range home theatre—this lavish villa collection on Diamond Island is suited for all kinds of supreme entertainment.

A limited number of the world-class Villas Collection are still available at Diamond Island. To visit our Villa Mock-Up and get attractive rates, please contact our hotline at 0938 480 888 or visit our website at

Sparkling splendour awaits. Be part of it.