On November 11, 2019, Studio 68 collaborated with The VinaCapital Foundation’s Heartbeat Vietnam program to announce the 9th Scars of Life project to raise funds for poor children heart surgery. Kusto Home is extremely proud to be one of the sponsors of this year’s program.

The 9th Scar of Life event will take place on November 30, 2019 at Vinpearl Luxury Landmark. During the press conference at Caravelle Hotel, Ms. Ngo Thanh Van – The ambassador of Heartbeat Vietnam, announced the theme of Paper Airplane for the Scar of Life party night. “Give Love to Bring Better Lives” is the message that Ms. Ngo Thanh Van wants to send to the community, so that everyone can turn their love into real actions, and help save the children. Tens of thousands of children with congenital heart disease are having difficult childhood and many unfulfilled dreams. Those children need supports from the community today to have a chance to live. That is also the next goal of the fundraising auction night on November 30, 2019.

The Banquet of Scars of Life 9 will bring together more than 300 guests who are business leaders and artists to enjoy the short film “Paper Airplane”, directed by Jun Pham. The film tells the story of two brothers in a poor neighborhood with a congenital heart disease. They both fold their dreams into paper airplanes and launch them into the sky everyday with the hope that their wishes will come true. Director Jun Pham shared: “Telling that story in an honest tone that moves the audience’s emotions is always a challenge that i set for myself in order to call for more support to help the wishes of those children come true”. In addition to the short film, Scars of Life 9 also features the theme song “If Someday I Can Fly Upon The Sky”, which is composed by Hua Kim Tuyen and performed by Truc Nhan.

The fundraising activity is a private and live auction with more than 70 high value collector items from different fields like art, architecture, tourism and culinary industry. The focal point of the live auction was the porcelain statue of Guan Yin Goddess seated on a lotus pedestal, which is from the limited collection with only 888 statues worldwide. It is also a part of the finest line of High Porcelain ceramics from the famous Lladró brand, originated from Spain. The statue has sophisticated, noble beauty and it sends a message of compassion, humanely helping people in need. This item is sponsored by QHome – Lladró’s exclusive distributor in Vietnam.

Sharring about this year’s theme, Ms. Ngo Thanh Van said: “People say that, when a paper plane flies in the air for more than 10 seconds, the wish of the person who launched it will come true. The wishes are put into the folded paper plane and they launch it into the sky. I hope we will join hands to contribute more, create the wind of love, help their wishes come true.”

Mr. Don Lam, The Chairman of The VinaCapital Foundation, said: “The purpose of The VCF is to help Vietnamese children receive the most effective medical care, even in remote areas and have the most difficult backgrounds. This is similar to the message of Scar of Life 9, which is that we, as well as Ms. Ngo Thanh Van, our partners and sponsors will give a healthy heart to the children, make their dreams come true, and they will have a happier life. I hope the Scars of Life event will gain much supports from the business community in Vietnam, together sharing our vision and dreams in controlling, solving Vietnamese children disabilities and medical problems.

Scars of Life 9 program is expected to raise the fund for surgery for more than 350 children with congenital heart disease across the country, thanks to the joint support of many businesses and individuals, including Kusto Home, Vinfast, Vietnam Access America and partner Property Holdings, Thai Son Nam company, Pranda Ltd., Lam Tran trading company, Lan Luu house of paintings, Six Sense resort, Mia Nha Trang resort, Tuan Le construction company, Baker&McKenzie law company, MMSoft Ltd., Frasers law company, INCONCEPT furniture, Amanoi Ninh Thuan resort, Fusion Corporation, Genetica Vietnam, She Will Be Strong project, Maple Healthcare clinic, Westcoast dental.

Source: https://www.elle.vn/diem-tin/vet-seo-cuoc-doi-9-giup-tre-benh-tim